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Dreamer Mink Lashes

Charisma Lashes

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Dreamer Mink Lashes
Dreamer Mink Lashes
Dreamer Mink Lashes
Dreamer Mink Lashes


These wispy lashes are multi layered and slightly flared with a V-formation effect. The Dreamer lash will open your eyes and create a gentle look that can easily transition from day to night.

  • Light density
  • Natural/Everyday look
  • 20+ uses with proper care and maintenance


Gently remove the lashes from the tray and hold the lash up against your eyelid to measure to fit the natural length of lash line.

Using scissors, trim the lash band to the size of your eyes. Always trim from the outer corner of the lash so style is maintained.


All Charisma Lashes eyelashes are handcrafted and 100% Mink.