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About Us

Charisma Lashes – The Brand

Launched in 2018, Charisma Lashes is changing the way we discover and purchase our mink lash strips by offering a subscription service. Think Dollar Shave Club; but for luxury lashes! It not only makes getting your lashes conveniently delivered to your door step, but it’s fun and hassle free to try new styles while maintaining a practical budget. Whether you're looking for light & wispy lashes to amp up a day look, or something dramatic for a night out, we're certain we have the perfect style waiting for you! Our luxury lashes are cruelty-free and handcrafted, to provide our customers with lashes that are long lasting, lightweight, and glamorous.

Charisma Lashes also offers ala carte purchases, as well as other accessories and products

Meet the founder of Charisma Lashes

Tiffany Prince

Tiffany Prince is a Colorado native and enjoys spending time with her two daughters in her free time. Tiffany has always considered herself to be self-sufficient and independent and has learned everything through life experiences. One of her strongest characteristics is being persistent; if she wants something, she will stop at nothing to get it. She loves to push limits, take chances and live outside of a comfort zone.

She started her career in the online marketing industry since 2006. In previous positions, Tiffany has managed affiliates and advertisers as well as managed programs and portfolios worth over 50 million dollars. In addition to online marketing, Tiffany is also a licensed esthetician and has a passion for makeup, lashes and all things health and beauty

With her background in marketing and love for the beauty industry, she was inspired to create the brand Charisma Lashes.